Cu Huy Ha Vu arrested for anti-State propaganda

Update: 15h30 14 Nov 2010

Lawyer Macken Ton (MTon Vietnam lawfirm)


Cu Huy Ha VuThe Ministry of Public Security’s Investigation Agency Friday arrested Cu Huy Ha Vu under the approval of the Supreme People’s Court to investigate his activities related to spreading anti-state propaganda.


On the afternoon of Saturday, Deputy Minister of Public Security Lieut. Gen. To Lam and Head of the Investigation Agency Lieut. Gen. Hoang Kong Tu held a press briefing to provide details of Cu Huy Ha Vu’s illegal actions against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, under Article 88 of the Criminal Code.

Evidence and documents seized by relevant agencies proved that Vu has produced many documents containing distorted information and libel against the people’s administration, calling for the overthrowing of the regime, calling for pluralism, multi-party and foreign intervention which goes contrary to the nation’s interest.

Vu also has ties with anti-State elements and overseas hostile forces against Vietnam. He has granted more than 20 interviews to anti-Vietnam overseas reactionary elements’ radios and newspapers and transferred his own documents to them to use in oppose the Vietnamese State.

In addition, Vu has made documents containing groundless, fabricated and distorted information on the State’s leadership and management to incite the public to rise up against the State as well as slandered Vietnamese State leaders.

The arrest of Vu and search of his home were conducted in accordance with the law. Further investigation into Vu’s wrongdoings are underway.

Furthermore, Vu must take responsibility for his extra-marital affair on Thursday night at Mach Lam Hotel’s Room 101 in Ho Chi Minh City .

At the press conference, Lieut. Gen. Tu affirmed that Cu Huy Ha Vu has a law doctorate but he is not a lawyer.

Also at the event, Chairman Le Van Dinh of the People’s Committee of Ba Dinh District where Vu resides said that Cu Huy Ha Vu was born in 1957 in the central province of Ha Tinh and is a permanent resident at No. 24, Dien Bien Phu Street, Dien Bien ward in Ba Dinh district of Hanoi.

Vu has infringed the law many times over the past years, said the chairman, adding that Vu was prosecuted by Ba Dinh police for hitting and injuring people in 1986.

According to Dinh, Vu had a job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Institute of International Relations but he did not go to work and the ministry decided to sack him in 2009. In 2003, Vu was involved in a case of encroaching land to illegally build his house.

In 2006, Vu nominated himself for the 12th National Assembly election but his self-nomination was rejected by local residents.


Source: Tuoi Tre