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Personal income tax needs flexible adjustment

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Update 04 April 2011

The law on personal income tax adopted in September, 2007 is no longer suitable in the current context, especially when the cost of living is rising rapidly.

According to the law, which took effect in January, 2009, the reduction level for taxpayers is VND4 million, and that for their dependants is VND1.6 million each. The lowest rate is 5 percent.

Vietnam Bar Federation celebatates the first anniversary

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The national organization for all practising lawyers of Vietnam has been set up for 1 year. Challenges are ahead and Denmark is along to support the new federation.

Vietnam Bar Federation admitted to LAWASIA


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Lester Huang, President of the Australia-based Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA), has granted membership certificate to the Vietnam Bar Federation President, Le Thuc Anh.

Types Visa in Vietnam

Update: 17h 15 Nov 2010

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There are 10 types of visa in Vietnam

A1: issued to official members of delegations invited by the Party Central Committee, National Assembly, President and Government or counterparts invited by Ministers, Vice Ministers, Chairman, Vice-Chairman of the People’s Committee at provincial or city level under direct central authority. A1 is also issued to their accompanied relatives and maids.

Viet Nam's present Foreign Policy

The world in the 21st century continues to witness complex and unpredictable changes. Deepening globalization exerts impacts on all countries. Countries, large or small, have been actively engaged in international integration. Peace, cooperation and development remain the prevailing trend, reflecting the pressing demand of all nations during their development process. However, local wars, armed conflicts, racial and religious conflicts, arm race, acts of intervention and sabotage and terrorism were witnessed in many places with increasingly complex nature and diverse forms.