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Vietnam’s diplomatic relations

Update 17h 21 Nov 2010

Lawyer Phuong (MTon Vietnam law firm)

Viet Nam is located in the Eastern part of  the Indochina peninsula, bordering China to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the West with a long land border of 4,550 km, and facing the Eastern Sea (South China Sea) and the Pacific to the East and the South. On the map, Viet Nam is an S-shaped long strip of land, stretching from 23°23’ to 8°27’ North latitude. The country’s total length is 1,650 km from the Northernmost point to the Southernmost point. Its width, stretching from the Eastern coast to the Western border, is 500 km at the widest part and 50 km at the narrowest part.

We approach pro bono clients with the same dedication

Service ethic that we give to all of our valued clients. It is my personal opinion that these attorneys are a credit to their profession and set standards that every  member of the bar should strive to meet." As evidenced by this statement, MTon Vietnam recognizes the dignity that each individual deserves through its steadfast commitment to pro bono and other community service activities.


MTon Vietnam law firm serves a wide range of pro bono causes, but has made a special commitment to children, the homeless, and domestic violence victims. By giving to those in need, we enhance the legal expertise and character of our lawyers.

Pro bono and other community service activities are an important professional responsibility. MTon's pro bono program benefits the public, the individuals we serve, and the development of our lawyers' skills and sense of professional and public service. Our pro bono program provides assistance to those in our communities who cannot otherwise afford legal services.