How the couple will be punished for this attack

Sugimoto Hro-yuki and Azuma Kenji (Japanese): We are doing business in Viet Nam. Last Monday, we were at the Hanayuki Restaurant on Mai Hac De Street, we met a couple, who we have accused of defrauding us in an investment scheme for damages of over US$1 million. The case is being investigated by Ha Noi police.


When we passed near their table, the husband tood up and left the restaurant while the wife suddenly began verbally abusing us. She threw a glass of water on me and then hit me with an ashtray. Then the husband came back and tried to break up the altercation. When restaurant employees tried to push the wife outside, they left.

We reported the case to the police of Bui Thi Xuan Ward, and the police carried out procedures under Vietnamese law. However, we still haven't received any information from the police relating to the results of the case

Please let us know how the couple will be punished for this attack.

Best regards,

Sugimoto Hiroyuki and Azuma Kenji