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A problem at the airport

Livia Hegner: In the past weeks I have followed the discussion regarding corrupt taxi drivers treating customers in an abysmal manner when it comes to haggling over fares for a ride from Tan Son Nhat Airport. The drivers don’t want to turn on their meters and then make extravagant demands at the end of the trip. I have been aware of this problem since I came here. But in the whole discussion there has never been a mention about the taxi drivers who do not haggle but have tampered with their meters, which work at double or triple the speed and you end up paying double or triple the fare.

What are the written traffic rules and regulations in Viet Nam

Aska Phoon(Singapore): Occasionally, I drive in Ha Noi. Using my Singaporean driving license, I obtained a Vietnamese driving license. I know the traffic rules and regulations might be different from Singapore, hence I would like to know what are the written traffic rules and regulations in Viet Nam, as I can't seem to find any related information using the Google search engine.

I would appreciate your direction and advice to find English traffic rules and regulations for us foreigners who want to know more about the traffic system.

Yours truly,

What to do if you're arrested or stopped by the police in Vietnam?

Lawyer DaoXuan Than (MTON Vietnam law firm)

What to do when you are stopped?

When you're stopped by the police, you run the risk of being arrested or hurt, or both. Most of them will not act improperly, but whether they act properly or not you still need to protect your rights and keep yourself safe.

How the couple will be punished for this attack

Sugimoto Hro-yuki and Azuma Kenji (Japanese): We are doing business in Viet Nam. Last Monday, we were at the Hanayuki Restaurant on Mai Hac De Street, we met a couple, who we have accused of defrauding us in an investment scheme for damages of over US$1 million. The case is being investigated by Ha Noi police.