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How to collect a debt in Vietnam

Update 10 oct 2011



If someone (a debtor) owes you money, you can sue him to recover the debt that he owes you. This means that you can have your debtor appear before the Court to try to make him return your money

Enforcement of drunk driving laws is necessary to improving traffic safety in Vietnam

Update 10 oct 2011

No headway can be made against drinking and driving if punitive measures are not meted out strictly and obviously Vu The Bang, 65, of Binh Phuoc Province’s Dong Phu District crashed into a parking truck in drunk condition and was killed on the spot in an accident last June. The government is discussing a draft resolution that will handle drunk drivers with stricter measures.

I don’t know how to get enough money to pay for his treatment in the coming days

Update 10 oct 2011

Higher hospital fees could prevent the poor from getting treatment and many question if increased fees will improve services

Social welfare - focal point of Vietnam's development programme

(VNA) Employment and social welfare are among the focal points of the Vietnamese Government’s socio-economic development programme. 

Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, made this statement at the 100th session of International Labour Organisation (ILO) General Assembly in Geneva on June 14. 

More blood more life

(VOV) - Blood is an invaluable product, playing a vital role in saving human life. If more blood drops are shared, more people will survive.

In 2004, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT), International Federation of Blood Donor Organisations (FIODS) agreed to observe June 14 every year as World Blood Donor Day.

VAVA calls for support to AO victims

(VNA) He Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin (VAVA) has called on Vietnamese people and international friends to support AO victims in their struggle for justice. 


In an appeal VAVA made on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the use of AO in Vietnam (August 10, 1961 - August 10, 2011), the association asked the US to accept responsibility for damages to Vietnamese people. 

IP Law Sercive

MTon Vietnam law firm has an integrated intellectual property practice providing quality legal solutions to clients on all aspects of IP laws. We extensively handles matters relating to the filing, prosecution, registration, protection and enforcement of Trade Marks, Patents, Industrial Designs and Copyrights

New law promotes arbitration to solve trade disputes

The Law on Commercial Arbitration Law recently passed by the National Assembly will provide an important legal foundation for businesses to minimise the risks of disputes, said the head of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry's legal department, Tran Huu Huynh.

Forms of investment in VN

Việt Nam allows foreign investors to join in both direct and indirect investment projects. Foreign investors are given significant flexibility in choosing appropriate forms of investment in line with their investment strategy and local investment regulations.

What is "Visa on arrival"?

Do I need a visa to Vietnam?

Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without Vietnam entry visa. Those countries include: most citizens of ASEAN countries are no need Vietnam visa for visit Vietnam within 30 days; citizens of Korea, Japan & Scandinavians (Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland passport holders) are no need Vietnam visa for visit Vietnam within 15 days. All other citizens are required to get Vietnam entry visa.