Investment in accordance with contract

Forms of Investment

BCC (Business Cooperation Contract)

Investors shall be permitted to sign a BCC contract in order to co-operate in production and to share profits or to share products and other forms of business co-operation

The contract shall set out the co-operating parties; the contents of the co-operation; the duration of business; the rights, obligations and responsibilities of each party; the co-operative relationship between the parties and the management organization as agreed by the parties.

BOT, BTO, BT (Build Operate Transfer, Build Transfer Operate, Build Transfer)

Investors shall be permitted to sign a BOT, BTO and BT contract with the competent State body in Vietnam (contact to MTON Vietnam law firm to know more information) in order to implement projects for new construction, expansion, modernization and operation of infrastructure projects in the sectors of traffic, electricity production and business, water supply or drainage, waste treatment and other sectors as stipulated by the Prime Minister of the Government.