Investment License

Procedures for registration of investment in respect of foreign invested projects 

The file for investment registration shall comprise

(1) Document/ file have the items/contents following: (a) Legal status of the investor; (b) Objectives, sale and location for implementation of the investment project; (c) Invested capital, project implementation schedule; (d) Land use requirements and undertakings on environmental protection; (e) Proposal for investment incentives (if any).

(2) Report on financial ability of the investor;

(3) Joint venture contract or business co-operation contract and charter of the enterprise (if any).

Procedures for investments involving establishment of economic organization

Foreign investors investing in Vietnam for the first time must have an investment project and perform the procedures for investment registration or evaluation of investment at the State administrative body for investment in order to be issued with an investment certificate. The investment certificate shall also be the business registration certificate.

Where an economic organization with foreign invested capital which has been established in Vietnam has a new investment project, it shall be permitted to conduct procedures to implement such investment project without the requirement to establish a new economic organization.

The Vietnamese Government encourages you to invest in all sectors of developing economy.

Investment in geographical areas with difficult socio-economic conditions is also highly encouraged. If you decide to invest in these sectors, then there are numerous incentives that the Government will be able to offer you. Government especially encourages investment in, namely:

The production of export goods;

Raising, farming and processing agricultural, forestry and aquatic products;

Investments involving high technology & know how;

Environmental protection;

Research and development;

Labour intensive industries;

The efficient use of raw materials and natural resources; and

Major infrastructure and production capacity projects.